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Wednesday 2nd March 2011

I miss my best friend she has anorexia I keep on being upset but I feel i can’t talk to my family and friends about it because they don’t understand it like I do x

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Sunday 6th February 2011

I feel like im locked in a crowed room and im screaming for help all I want is someone to talk to but no one will listen…Yuh said yuh would always be there but yuh lied yhur gone and im along again…Everyone is gone why can’t my freinds and family stay thats all I want [..more..]

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Dear, Trinnece. You know what, you’re a f***ing spitful hated b****, the way you always go round thinking you can own everyone, like your better then everyone, and you think you are because your black?, f*** you, no-one likes you no one ever will, you not hot your just a f***ing dirty slut, you f***ing [..more..]

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