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Thursday 21st March 2013

my family

My family makes me so angry.. My main reason of anger and sadness is them… I don’t want to be told that i should be happy to have a family because i’m not! They’re supposed to be there for me, support me, be the only people who can make me happy when i’m feeling like [..more..]

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Wednesday 6th March 2013

I feel like ‘always’ will never come

His work, family, and school and my work, family and school, keep us away from each other 4.5 days of the week. I can handle it. But its hard. I recently started working all day on saturdays. So now the 2 and and half days I would get with him… have turned into 1 day [..more..]

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Friday 1st March 2013


Once again my family let me down.. I feel like an idiot, for having hope!!

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Friday 22nd February 2013

its been 3 years

It was a long day, longer then one i can remember in a long time but at the same time went by so quickly. I found myself doing what i always do when im upset. i push people away, or am rude to the people im closest to. My mother died 3 years ago today, [..more..]

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Sunday 17th February 2013

Life, what life?

I’m so f***ing sick. I hate all but three members of my family, I’m in love with my best friend, I’m bisexual, I apathetic to nearly all people, I wish somebody would hold me or maybe hit me, I’m in seventh grade but ready to go to college according to my ACT score, I’m fat, [..more..]

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Saturday 16th February 2013

Get My Sister Away

I f***ing hate my sister. She is twelve and acts as if she is twenty. She bosses people around, and is constantly rude. And she is breaking my family apart. She makes my mother and father so mad and no one knows how to control her. I can’t stand being around her. The whole thing [..more..]

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Friday 15th February 2013

life sucks been single

I havent really be in a relationship, ever sence i left high school i been busy with work and family, and honeslty i just dont know how i can even find someone i could be with, i mean, i know im not perfect so im not looking for someone perfect but i just feel like [..more..]

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Friday 8th February 2013

look down upon me

my family won’t take my decisions seriously and they look down on me when I want to challenge myself to become better. They tell me to take an easier road and they laugh when I say I want to do this.

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Tuesday 22nd January 2013

Goodbye Eli

I am in love with this boy that I cannot be in love with because, well, I am engaged. The whole thing is a mess, but let me just share because I need a place. The man I really love is not a favorite of my family. My family wants me to marry Caleb, a [..more..]

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Thursday 17th January 2013


For the past 4 years i have been cutting. over friends, family, relationships. and i always have a fake smile on. unless i am with him. he makes me smile so much my cheeks start to hurt. i don’t have a single bad thought in my mind. i always want to be with him. when [..more..]

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