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Wednesday 19th December 2012

Me myself and I

Today i am gripped with unrelenting pain, the kinda pain to where its almost debilitating. i have been servery depressed for awhile now, and really am not sure what to do, some say seek medication other say seek therapy. To me these don’t seem like options, not because of pride or fear of changing my [..more..]

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Tuesday 18th December 2012


I was teaching my little sister some math because she’s so bad at it, but her behavior was so uncooperative that I yelled at her for not paying attention. Then my mom comes in and screams at me for not being kind to my sister. Why can’t she see that my sister wasn’t even giving [..more..]

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unwilling to live, afraid to die

why do I bother, theres no use. I lost everything. my family tests me like an orphan, and I lost the love of my life. how does anyone bounce back. I’ve done everything in my power to try to keep my sanity. it’s hard being a sheep in a home full of wolves. especially when [..more..]

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Monday 17th December 2012

I Am No One

I feel invisible. No one even cares about me. And I feel like if I died, no one would even feel sad. I have tried reaching out to people. But no one really pays attention. Everyone likes each other, and I am the one left out. I do not have a best friend. I never [..more..]

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Saturday 15th December 2012

Can you ever the truth?

Spent a year thinking i was so close with some people.. So close that i felt we were a family.. People who tell me who the ”bad guys” were.. It turns out they were the bad guys.. I don’t even know! Everybody has been hiding secrets. I thought we were this little family, but people [..more..]

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Thursday 13th December 2012


I do not know if it is a blessing or a curse but I always care so much more for the people around me than they care for me. I love to love but sometimes when I just need that one person to be there for me like I wouldn’t hesitate to be there for [..more..]

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Wednesday 12th December 2012

My Life Is F***ed Up.

Okay, so….My mother has cheated on my father, my father tried to kill himself and I cut myself. SUCH A HAPPY FAMILY RIGHT HERE. The most annoying thing my parents try make it out to be and it’s so not and they don’t even know what they’re doing to me.

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Friday 7th December 2012

I don’t want to be alone anymore

I’ve always been a happy person. I’m laid back and I’ve always accepted that when the time comes I will find someone to love, that loves me back. That I shouldn’t worry about how I don’t get much attention off guys. I have great friends and my family is very supportive. But lately, I feel [..more..]

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Sunday 25th November 2012

Engaged, But In Love With Another Man

I am engaged to a man that my entire family adores. He as a lot of money, and a great job. He is nice, but never appreciates the things I do. About two months ago, I met another man who was new at the office. He is amazing. He calls me beautiful, and treats me [..more..]

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Friday 16th November 2012


someone made me feel the courageous person in me, a lot changes to place thereafter. As for the past few days though, i feel like i’m walking backwards, the road feels so familiar! Don’t want to go back there!I need an exciting,laughter-filled conversation, hope tomorrow’s family gathering brings one.

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