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Thursday 27th September 2012


the troble throgh life makes you leave your family. so never leave your family because of problems in life. you need to stay where you are because you never know what will happen in life.

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Hi. Im not some lonley teen that needs to commit suicide to help my self. Noooooo I do not plan on jumping off a bridge anytime soon I just feel as my family completly treats me like a made and that theere thankful I do anything almosdt…. any advice thanks

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Sunday 23rd September 2012

Too short!

Life is something to cherish. Life is not just something we deserve. Life itself is a true gift from above. Life is way to short to worry over silly things! Life is too short for worries in general. So, trust in God He will watch over you, and erase your worries, and bring peace to [..more..]

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Monday 17th September 2012


the amount of stupidity in my family, no my life, is endlessly abundant

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Friday 7th September 2012

Not very well

I just feel so despert I don’t know why , and I am just young too young to feel like that , Everything is empty I have nothing to do , I have some personal problems and family problems , But I feel someday I will change be just memories who knows what can happen [..more..]

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You’ve pissed me off

If you didn’t want to come to London with us then you could have just said. You didn’t have to bulls*** about how you were having family over. We changed the date for you, you knew we had been planning this trip for ages. I don’t care that you didn’t come really.. It’s more that [..more..]

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Tuesday 4th September 2012

I dont know why

I have recently just felt like I have given up on me. I dont go out anywhere, even with family. I just feel overweight and just like I have step out of life. You wouldnt think it to see me cause I fix myself up enough to fake everyday. Please dont get me wrong I [..more..]

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Monday 3rd September 2012

Good things happen to good people?

Just when I think things get good in my life there’s always something that gets in the way. When will good things happen to me? I’m always there for my friends/ family members for anything. But it seems as if nobody is there for me, why is this? I just want some good things to [..more..]

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never give up on your family

never give up on your family there there for you, even if they do something wrong you should forgive them no matter how big or small the problem is. I learned from experience I said something that wasn’t true and it cost them big trouble and it caused me no forgiveness I never got to [..more..]

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Friday 31st August 2012

Feeling hopeless

I feel alone, like i have no one. I don’t know what to do with myself. My family is complicated as hell. I have many friend, 1 close, but she never listens to me.. I hear all her crap, but it’s like she never wants to hear mine and if she does, she never gives [..more..]

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