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Posted by on 2011/08/01 under Uncategorized

sitting alone in my room thinking about missed opportunities and wishing it was diferent. I am lucky that i have a fab family and great friends but wish somethings i had done differently. My career, schooling but mostly letting the boy I love walk away as i was in a bad place. Spending the last week with him on a volunteer ting we are both involved in has made me realise I LOVE HIM. He is the kindest person ever, funny, sharing and always my shoulder to cry on. sitting watching him laugh and play with the kids we volunteer for makes me smile but know i have let the best thing go free. He see’s me as a friend now and i dont want that. when he puts his arm around me it fels like the whole world stops and i am safe and secure.

well i have let my man go free and now have to hope he will return one day

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