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Thursday 4th August 2011


I miss you, you’ve been the best thing about my summer. I’m so glad I’ve met you. PEACE and LOVE to all the wonderful people here who write postings!..

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Wednesday 3rd August 2011


i can’t believe i’m still in love with him!!!!!the worst i even love him more now even after what he had done to me!!i miss him ever has been 2 years now since we broke up!i really wanna talk to him hear his voice every day i just wanna find someone else that makes [..more..]

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I’m going to explode. I have no one to tell anything to. I know there are people who want to help me, but I don’t want to burden them. I can feel the pressure inside of me building up. I’m going to reach for that razor soon I know it. I’m going to slash away [..more..]

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I’m going to miss him, even now I feel it. Knowing he won’t be gone for too long of a time, but still knowing I can’t see him when he has taken such and important place. Even though I know I will never have him for my own, it makes me sick to think about [..more..]

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#creator : Every page has this at the bottom “That post you are attempting to edit is invalid” I don’t think it should be there… 🙂

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I’m so scared I will end up like my Dad and cheat on my girlfriend. Even though I don’t want to… I’m sure he didn’t want to either a couple of years ago 🙁

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my whole life has turned to s***. my reputation is crap, i have no friends and im not good at anything. i feel like giving up and quitting school at 16 to become a prostitute like everyone expects me to. the worst thing is that none of this is my fault, im just too naive [..more..]

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The past is the past and I must live in the present, without you. You just don’t want me and there’s nothing I can do about it. I f***ing love you Hibou, enough to let you go.

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i finaly found a good blogging site+other than doing homework i shall be spending my life on their:/ aha. dear dear..why was the internet created, ehh?

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this page is a really good idea tbh. to write your problems+worrys and read other peopls? but maybe jazz up the website a bit? cos its really dull. if you do do anything to change it,make sure you dont make it more complicated. its so annoying when your looking for a site like this and [..more..]

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