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Wednesday 3rd August 2011


i want to start bloging but everytime i find like a decent site to blog on, it ends up being a fail. like its actualy for posting photos or making your own website?i just want to write about my life+stupid storys. is that too hard to ask? grr. from angry in scotland,uk. aha

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Tuesday 2nd August 2011


So, I guess its okay if she cheats on him. I guess its okay she has a fake life she uses to feel good about herself, I guess its okay he doesn’t give a damn, and would rather stay in the dark about it all. After I worked so hard to get the information. She [..more..]

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I sit here and look at your photo and ask “What If”…

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I am so effing lonely.

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Monday 1st August 2011


sitting alone in my room thinking about missed opportunities and wishing it was diferent. I am lucky that i have a fab family and great friends but wish somethings i had done differently. My career, schooling but mostly letting the boy I love walk away as i was in a bad place. Spending the last [..more..]

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I’m 53 and it feels like my life is over. My 86 year old mother moved in with us, so I had to quit my job to become her 24 hour a day caregiver. I love her but I HATE this! HATE THIS! She is so needy! I have to test her sugar, give her [..more..]

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my father is one big jack***. he cannot take a joke one bit. so i’m almost by the door of my bedroom when i just came from the kitchen and he was in the living room which is near the kitchen. when i reach d door is when he with his stupid self gone and [..more..]

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Sunday 31st July 2011


so this girl moved into a new neighborhood and met her brothers bestfriends sister and they are now really close friends, a few weeks later her sister and the girl were over at the girls bestfriends house and the neighbors from across the street that the girl never met introduced them selves the oldest was [..more..]

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I think of you, and miss you. I just talked to you, or you just left. I still miss you. I dont know what makes me love you the way i do. I would give up just anything to be with you, but then i know that if we did…it probraly wouldnt last long. I [..more..]

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So i’m dating a man who is older than me, married, has four kids. I love him so much. I feel alive and happy when i am with him. But sometimes i get the feeling it wont ever work out the way i dream of. How can i expect someone to leave their family and [..more..]

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