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Thursday 28th July 2011


She has a boyfriend. All that effort, wasted. Gutted right now

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Wednesday 27th July 2011


I love all of you.

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Tuesday 26th July 2011


When you give everything you’ve got to someone, it’s bound to end badly. But we’re told, preached to and convinced by everything around us, that giving of ourselves is the right thing to do, when it feels right, because the other person will give as much of themselves to you. Not so. I’m sitting here, [..more..]

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I’ve got something to tell you that I just can’t say So I’m writing it down in case maybe someday Our lives take a turn down a road We can’t see right now I know you’re happy and I’m happy for you But since you found each other I’ve been so confused Cause I believe [..more..]

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most of the time i feel i do not belong in my family. my parent’s treat me differently because there are three children…, my older sister and my older brother. they treat my brother so great because he is the only boy, they treat my sister so super, super great because she the oldest child [..more..]

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Monday 25th July 2011


your the love i love the most not my husband….your the love I’ve lost…

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Sunday 24th July 2011


I keep trying to tell myself that I don’t need him and I can be happy on my own… but I know I’m lying.

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Write your thoughts/feelings here…im in love with two men the first man i live with and the other is a married man who lives alone in his own house.#1man we have been together for almost 25years it has been a love hate thing he has left me for some else 3 times and im always [..more..]

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I feel like im broke. All the disaters and killings and violence around the world. and i can do nothing on my own to stop it. To say i am helpless to help is selfish, bring a wider topic back to myself and my problems. I dont have problems, i just over exagerate small things [..more..]

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I am sad perhaps depressed,I have been so alone for way to long. I want to run and cry but feel that its a waste of time, as am I. I never found love and now its to late. I went past that period in ones life where your to young to die, but to [..more..]

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