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Sunday 24th July 2011


i wont change, i dont want to change… bbut my life will be the same if i dont. i fear change, but i also fear my life will continue down the bad path it is going down now… i just dont know what to do…

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i dont know where my life is heading… this time next month i will get my results and be being starting college… if i get in. What if i dont though? how much of a dissapointment will i be to my family and to myself… I dont want to go to college because there is [..more..]

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I feel there’s no space for my feelings, my anger, joy, for whole me. It is such a strong habit I feel unable to change that. Help

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im focussed on not caring anymore. – put me second and think of other people, other girls first? fine, i wont care. – get mad at me for caring about if youre feeling sad or mad? fine, i wont care. – say youre going to go off, then stay online on facebook for ages? fine, [..more..]

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Saturday 23rd July 2011


wonder what else he is hiding….

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Friday 22nd July 2011


Well whether i just made a fool of myself or not i dont care… I was heading home and saw two of your work trucks and thought chase them lol… but while sitting at the lights thought no i will never catch them and you wont be in the front truck… I had time to [..more..]

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i think i got drunk the last day put into a car and made to give a guy a blow job…. im not sure it happened and i dnt want to tell people just want to write it down somewhere. great thanks.

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all my bf ever wants to do is play video games =\

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i have a headache =\

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Thursday 21st July 2011


Maybe you need a big explination, but im sorry, I cant give you one. The best I can do is say that I will do anything for you, all you need to do is ask. The internet must be crouded up with laments to lovers, but for you, I only have one thing to say. [..more..]

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