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Wednesday 29th December 2010

Im kinda hurting no one knows it. Im stong on the out side but in the inside im hurting I feel pain. I feel like no one loves me but I know thats not true. But my friends like 4 of them moved and I onley have like 1 friend now. Becouse I was in [..more..]

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you had to read my facebook status to relize something is wrong… i told you like 5 times yesterday and you still didnt get it… and now you want to be friends again even after what you said to me the other day? yeah right b**** get some new friends cuz i aint putting up [..more..]

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Tuesday 28th December 2010

you lieing son of a b**** “you know he cant replace you, right?” yeah thats what i thought… thats what you said… but i never see you anymore… i never hear from you… you dont return my texts or emails… yeah he didnt replace me… thats why he is the only one you are every [..more..]

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im the kind of guy that smiles like im fine when really im being ripped apart on the inside…. i try and make you laugh and feel better when you want to cry… i worry about you more then i worry about myself, i find the dumbest things extremely funny… i always forgive… but ill [..more..]

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Monday 27th December 2010

i think i have no friends…

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Saturday 25th December 2010

I f***ing hate you. You F***ED things up for me. You snitched, ratted me out, ruined everything for me, when you could have easily NOT. You could have NOT done that. BUT YOU DID. And you say you CARE? You don’t care. You don’t give a f***. You’re the s***tiest friend a person could have. [..more..]

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Friday 24th December 2010

Sometimes I just want to sit down and cry becuase things are always so hard and difficult and depressing. And it makes me think about how many other people there are in the world who are crying or hurt or lonely. And I realize how much pain there is in life and how some people [..more..]

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Thursday 23rd December 2010

omg my thought like didnt get al;l the way thunk it cut off like half of it >.< #160

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Here i am on this cold winters morning just thinking…. i dont even know whati m thinking about all i know is there are thoughts… there are to many thoughts i dont know whats what, they arent voices just thoughts… mostly thoughts about sad things… thoughts about friends… thoughts about life… i just wish i [..more..]

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im me

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