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Monday 16th July 2012

Hard to breathe

About a year ago I started working at my dads catering company and it all started off fine until he started pushing me and giving me abuse, not that much physically a lot more mentally. It got to the point where I was cutting my wrists at least twice a week. One night it got [..more..]

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Thursday 12th July 2012

If I Can Just Be Me

I don’t know what should i write , because i know no matter how much i will write ; words won’t be able to describe how hard is it going in here. I’m feeling locked it’s like a chain of endless pain , it’s even the little things in life i have to struggle for [..more..]

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Tuesday 3rd July 2012

About to Break

I am at my breaking point and i need help!! This person keeps repeatedly bringing me down, breaking my heart…and ripping it out of me and laughing. His dad says i am just like his mom…and that is supposed to be a bad thing. He hurts me and i am tired of it!

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Sunday 17th June 2012


Hello , I’m depressed and so sad I can’t stop crying. My parents traveled to a country to work when I was 6 I went with them we came in grade 7 . I got adjusted to new school and friends all over again . Till then everything was OK . But now we worked [..more..]

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Thursday 14th June 2012


I’m f***ing tired of people putting s*** on me, like they don’t think i hate my own problems already? i get to see my dad who is my favorite person to be with i get to see maybe 1 week PER YEAR, i get bullied by 5 older brothers at night and all day at [..more..]

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Monday 28th May 2012


Arrgghh s***ty summer looming ahead… My dad is forcing me to do AP courses freshman year.-im only a freshman. He a douche sometimes but not as much as my mom, shes a fukin b**** continued later with: Preador

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Thursday 24th May 2012


My dad pisses me off so much. He is extremely narrow-minded. He isn’t open to anyone’s ideas and doesn’t cooperate when someone is trying to teach him something useful. And then he randomly gets pissed at everyone because “we don’t do anything around the house” when we actually do chores that are assigned to us. [..more..]

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I just can’t do anything right. Everything I do is wrong now that my parents are right about to get a divorce. I get yeld at more then ever. My dad moved out and my mom is constantly being mean to me. She doesn’t get that I am affected by this too. My sister doesn’t [..more..]

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Saturday 19th May 2012


I really like Jenna. Jenna really likes me. I’m going to college. I’m either staying in my hometown, going to college right here, and living in my house or going 5 hours away to Ithaca. My mom says I deserve to go to the best place possible and I should get the whole college experience. [..more..]

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Thursday 10th May 2012


I don’t understand… is it normal to feel envy about my brother? sometimes I feel that they love my older brother other than me. I’m starting to compare myself to him, I know that it’s bad but it’s inevitable. whenever my Mom or Dad scolds me about my laziness I feel so worthless that I [..more..]

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