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Tuesday 25th January 2011

My life is not good Im seventeen about to be eighteen pregnant living in a different state then the man of my baby and dreams i have genital warts dont know how to tell anyone tired of being alone my mom will barley talk to me my dad is great sometimes i think about killing [..more..]

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Friday 7th January 2011

i am 18 and my mum died when i was 6. me my dad and sister lived together and struggeled through till my sister went to uni. then when i was 14 my my dad got a girlfriend and we moved in with her and her 3 daughters. i have never been happy with the [..more..]

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Sunday 2nd January 2011

I never really thought of my self as an emotional person but iam and i cannot help that lately ive been feeling so insicure about myself i dont know why i dont think im an ugly girl but i look at others and then start to think that the feeling izz horrable dont get me [..more..]

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Friday 10th December 2010

i think i thunk that i thought i knew… but really… i thought i think that i thunk i thought…. wait thats not right either… i thank i think i thought a thought but i really thought a thought i think i thunk…. hmm… maybe i thought a thought that i thank i thought cuz [..more..]

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