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I don’t know what should i write , because i know no matter how much i will write ; words won’t be able to describe how hard is it going in here. I’m feeling locked it’s like a chain of endless pain , it’s even the little things in life i have to struggle for it since dad passed away everything turned so bad ,things went wrong , people changed ,but even though i was trying to bear on and telling myself it’s on us to do what has to be done to survive ,but i never thought that my brothers and sisters will change like others ; i never thought that i will be stuck every single day trying to slove their endless problems . He made me hate my life and myself he is about 25 years old ,and i am 18 years old he is forcing me every single day to call him 3 times a day or even more so he can get his needs he is not talking with anyone at the house except me i have to do for him everything he need or i will get killed and still there is so many other things happening . I truly don’t know what to do i got tired of everything mum is abusing me everyday she hated me and all this because of him . I was hoping for a better life ,but it seems like i won’t be anything with those people and the most funniest part is that everyone thinks that he is on the write side they took my smile away back in the days i used to smile and be happy , but come see me now i am nothing more than a stupid girl who is always complaining and yelling .I wanted to be a good person all the people and the teacher who were teaching me were telling me that i am bright and i gotta keep moving on they were telling her the same thing ,but she never cared. I no longer trying to survive i really hated everything i only wish if God can take my soul away .

2 thoughts on “If I Can Just Be Me

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope that things look up for you. Your story is truly a harsh one. I can only hope that life will look up for you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you i hope so…:)

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