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I really like Jenna. Jenna really likes me. I’m going to college. I’m either staying in my hometown, going to college right here, and living in my house or going 5 hours away to Ithaca. My mom says I deserve to go to the best place possible and I should get the whole college experience. My dad wants to spend the least amount of money possible. He wants me to go to the University in town or the community college 10 minutes away. I just want to get an education and keep my relationship with Jenna. Jenna is very supportive of me. She says I should do what makes me happy. She says if I go away, I’ll probably forget all about her anyway, but that’s not gonna happen. She is too amazing to simply forget about her. So I’ve reached an ultimatum: Stay local, get education, and Jenna is here or go away to Ithaca, get education, and experience college. This is definitely one of the biggest decisions of my life. I want the college experience, but I don’t want to lose Jenna. Making decisions suck.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you really love Jenna and Jenna loves you, then you go get a great education and make a great career and life for yourself and Jenna. and All the while be totally committed to each other, never forget the love you have for each other. You will never regret it.
    All the best in making the decision.

  2. jenna says:

    my names jenna…this just made me smile:) go to Ithica- ive heard its beautiful- people who truly need each other will desperately find a way to be together- live your life

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