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Posted by on 2012/05/24 under Uncategorized

My dad pisses me off so much. He is extremely narrow-minded. He isn’t open to anyone’s ideas and doesn’t cooperate when someone is trying to teach him something useful. And then he randomly gets pissed at everyone because “we don’t do anything around the house” when we actually do chores that are assigned to us. Then he goes on rants about how he should have raised his kids better and stuff. And when he’s ranting he has this angry face on, but it doesn’t intimidate me, it makes me angry. It’s so stupid looking and contorted in a way that it pisses me off and I just want to yell at him for his face. And then, after freaking out at us he goes and runs errands and when he gets back, he acts like nothing happened even though he was yelling at us for being lazy bums. It gets on my nerves so much.

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