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Thursday 30th November 2017

Bad family

All I ever did was invite my sisters family over to USA to travel . We arranged everything, without ever lifting a finger they got to travel so many places cos my husband drove like 3000 miles to take them every place possible. These people have to judge everything we do. How we live our [..more..]

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and just like that, its back. that feeling of insecurity, the black cloud, reasons to want to disappear. questioning everything… do they only want sex? why do they even bother? do they care? would they care if you just disappeared? then you answer of course, they take what they want because you let them, its [..more..]

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What’s wrong with me

I swear to God I'm on the edge. I can't think straight. I'm not okay. I'm losing my f***ing mind. Am I depressed? AM I REALLY F***ING DEPRESSED?!

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Im sorry

Hi, tonight I'm not feeling well. It's already 12:10 AM here but I still can't sleep because my pillows are soaked in tears. I can't tell anyone about this, because if I do people will call me a drama queen and I'm afraid they'll get angry at me for even thinking of killing myself. See [..more..]

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Wednesday 29th November 2017


I don' feel okay

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Get over yourself. GET OVE YOURSELF. Stop wallowing in despair and self pity. you can do that AFTER your exams are done. YOU HAVE A F***ING POINT TO PROVE HERE!!! Regrets are always on your way. YOU CAN STOP THIS ONE!! SHUT UP AND STUDY YOUR F***ING WORK YOU JACKASS!!

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Recurring Nightmare ‘Characters’

Okay, so I have these really weird nightmares sometimes where.. right from the minute I get into them, I can FEEL that something is wrong. It feels like the sort of feeling you get when you've forgotten something. It's yelling, 'Hurry up! Faster!'. Mind you, I have no clue what I'm supposed to be doing, [..more..]

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Monday 27th November 2017

Chemistry Monday

It was a tiring monday whenever chemistry existed. I guess all the teachers were having their period. They keep on get mad at us. From the first lesson, it was english class and nothing is going on well. After that we had swimming lesson, and none of us were swimming because I still having my [..more..]

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Getting Blamed

Every time I am at home, at work or any where else I feel like people hate me because I get blamed for something someone else did or even I might of done it but they don't relies they just will blame everything else on me and I am not saying good stuff I am [..more..]

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I’m Not Okay

What's wrong with me? I'm getting so tired of not being heard. I've dealt with things by myself. I needed you when I felt like giving up. But were you there? No you weren't. It's not possible to be so hurt this young. I cry in the corner without you hearing me. I'm by myself. [..more..]

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