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Tuesday 11th January 2022

Mom conflict

My mother and I cannot have a single conversation without one of us having to either walk away or make a remark in between. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something so dark and heavy constantly hanging in the air between us. Is it a desire to get an edge — appear more [..more..]

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Monday 22nd November 2021

Just wanted to share

I just realized how long it was since i hugged someone who actually cared. Living with my father is alright if you look from the outside but he always swears at me degrades my confident somedays i would just listen to his swears at me and act like its daily things i hear. Not even [..more..]

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Wednesday 20th October 2021


Sjbabakabkaba đố biết đây là ai đấyyy! Ngày này năm ngoái tui cũng đang đi chúc mọi người nè sksk nhưng mà đây là lần đầu được chúc mừng 20/10 như này ýyy. Vui nhắmmmm Thả ngàn tim cho og Ê không biết nói j nữa ý :))) Nakanaknajabsjsbksnskksks Nói chung là yêu og lắm [..more..]

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muôn vàn nụ hôn gửi đến og9

alohaaaa chào og iu hehe=) ngày hôm nay của og nnao đêm qua og ngủ ngon không tối qua feed của mình ngập tràn if men nên nghĩ cũng vui lắm mình muốn gặp mọi người lắm huhu:( kiểu nghĩ đến ngồi sảnh gạch oglunch các thứ xong đèo nhau vrum vrum vrum là muốn [..more..]

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Gửi OG9 thân iu!!! Nhân ngày 20/10 thì Em chúc các chị em mãi xinh đẹp trẻ trung thành công hạnh phúc, cảm ơn mng vì đã ở bên em yêu thương đón nhận em kaka Em chúc các anh em luôn đẹp trai phong độ thông minh tài giỏi, cảm ơn mng vì đã [..more..]

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Thursday 5th August 2021

Fun Fact

Fun fact: Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus's godmother

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Monday 2nd August 2021

Should I tell my mom pt3 (the guilt is getting to me)

As I previously told on here I haven't told my mom what happened to me when I was around 6 years old by my grandma's boyfriend because I don't know if it is considered molestation I also haven't told her what my 2nd uncle (her younger brother that is a few months older then me) [..more..]

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Monday 19th July 2021

Conversation From Today

“I went through a lot of trouble for this, you know.” Mom had said that while I was eating a slice of birthday cake. "I wasn’t able to get a slice for myself, unfortunately.” I stopped eating and put the fork down when she had said that. “Oh. I didn’t know.” I had said and [..more..]

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Saturday 10th July 2021

i don’t hate her, it’s what she does that i hate

i'm so done with my sister liking what i want. i don't like it. i know very well that i'm a possessive person.

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Saturday 22nd May 2021


who gets my mom? She wants to me have straight A's and a high Gpa but she makes it difficult. I work my a** of trying to make sure I turn everything on time and have a good grade. I can't have a B or else she starts yelling at me saying thats not what [..more..]

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