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Posted by on 2022/03/13 under Family

My dad has always been complaining about how we do not give him money. But we do give $500 a month to our mother for all the household expenses. Today had a huge fight with my dad on this. I told him to start saving up for his own retirement. And not have the mindset to depend on his children. Yes, if you need to us to pay your medical expenses sure I will pay. Pay the rent? Sure! The reason why we give our mother the money to manage and not our dad is cos his a gambling addict. Furthermore he always spend money on useless stuff like a chandelier where we told him no it's better to get normal light. Nope he is so stubborn when everyone vote no. He just go ahead and buy and say the children is selfish in not paying for it.

If you have the mindset that your children should support you, lease do your future children a favour, dun give birth to them. The living expenses is alr so high now. If the government allow me, a single to get a HDB before 30, I would have done so. My age friends they are only giving $200 some not even giving allowance.i'm already giving $500 and you still want to complain.

Praying that one day I can earn enough to get an apartment and I will move out of his life totally. And just give him money, since that is what he want.

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