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Posted by on 2021/11/22 under Family

I just realized how long it was since i hugged someone who actually cared.
Living with my father is alright if you look from the outside but he always swears at me degrades my confident somedays i would just listen to his swears at me and act like its daily things i hear. Not even suprised to see him always in a bad mood always shouting. My mother, i think i dont trust her too when im going to her house every weekends the kindness feels fake somehow im worse to think that theyre kind to me because of the things i bring from father, like meat and stuff because father says it was a greeting. My friends, dont have them anymore except one who i only contact when she wants to play genshin, Where did all my friends go? A new friend circle. Forgot about me i guess. My cousins? Barely talk with them because the conversations are forced by parents. I wanna hug somebody who can be atleast sincere. My bday is in december but im not exited cause its the day that the damn world actually pretends to care then forget you the next day.

Dont know if i could trust this but I just wanted to atleast put my sadness here\
I dont know if my grammar is correct either cause im so mixed up about my feelings.

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