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Sunday 10th April 2011

What happens with meeeee??? I don’t know,,,,, I can’t live in this way,,,,, I want him to call meeeee(((( He has’t called me yet today. I wait for him. I want to call myself, but I can’t. Pleaseeeee caaaaall meeeeeeee. Help me my Dear GOD.

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Am I scared of sex? Am I just that kind of guy who would rather be left alone? Do I even want to be a sexual being? I want to let it all out and fling myself into the world of bareback, but at the same time I just see myself dying, mentally and physically. [..more..]

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Saturday 9th April 2011

Haha; so about 70 of you got drunk last night and now your showing off that you did that by going on Facebook and being all like ‘Aw, dude I’m sorry I slapped you last night, I was a bit pissed’ or ‘man i’m so hungover after last night’ I DON’T CARE!! NOBODY CARES!!! stop [..more..]

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Hi, I’m Lilith,,,,, I don’t know what happens wiht me,,,,, I can’t eat, can’t breath, study,,,, I’m not sure, that I love him,,,,, I DON”T KNOW!!!!! Please help me Dear God,,,,,,,,,

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If you’re all angry at him don’t write it on is Facebook wall like f***ing idiots! Just say it to his face you pathetic people! putting it on his wall shows nothing of your apparent courageous efforts to embarrass someone… your all fails; man up and say whatever your trying to say to his face!

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Friday 8th April 2011

#387 Be patient. i sort of have the same problem. he does love you but he doesn’t have the courage to tell you. me too: this boy whom i really like asked me out and i said no because i’ve never been in reationship so thats why i said no in the first place. But [..more..]

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It hurts. it really does. everything about him just hurts me. seeing him everyday and him being 3 feet away from me. his laugh, smile, hair, lips… i just can’t take it no more. and it hurts me so much because no matter how much i love him he’ll never notice me. all girls flirt [..more..]

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Hi, I’m Lilith,,,, I want to say, that I don’t understand what happened wiht me. I don’t know what I feel to him, and what I want him to do. I just know that now I want him to call me, I want to know what I feel, because everything is very difficult for me. [..more..]

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Thursday 7th April 2011

Messaged him the other day and he told me he only wants to be friends… too much going on in his life…. well get rid of the other s*** and just have me and we will have the same stuff going on in our lives together… there problem solved…. if only it was that easy….I [..more..]

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