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Monday 26th December 2011


Ugh Im so frustrated! I have no friends! I have moved around a lot! So its no that Im unsocial its just.. Well a lot of people like me as a friend but I really cant stand them! All my “friends” are whores, or girls who think their way better than everyone. You cant trust [..more..]

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Last night the guy I have liked for 2 years came over with his family to meet each other. I was really excited yet really nervous. He didnt realize how sad and frustrated it made me to see that he was paying way more attention to my older sister then to me. I was trying [..more..]

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I know the incredible things i can do and yet its so difficult to do something in me that is not fine…

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You may have a lot of money but it just covers up your flaws. I’ve known you since before I can remember. You’ve always been there in my life. I have to be careful around you because you judge. You boss me around just because I’m younger than you. I was at your house for [..more..]

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Happiness is like a butterfly. Chase it forever and it will almost always keep away from you. But turn away and ignore it and it will gently land upon your shoulder.

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Smiles everywhere. It’s Christmas. But 🙁 all around me.

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How can I show love or feel love when I’ve never experienced love in anything but a movie where the love is not even real. You want me to love. Well I don’t know how.

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Every single Christmas.. I come home, I put in some effort no matter how little cash I have. I get presents for the family etc and I even get a little excited in the run up to Christmas Day. Then I get home Christmas Eve and it’s great. I’m happy to be here, everyone is [..more..]

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Sunday 25th December 2011


Christmas day… what a joke and all because your an as an and i just can’t be bothered anymore…. and tomorrow i have to put up with your farking family..prefer to party at the city tip than spend a day with them…. in such a sad place in my life at the moment…..all i can [..more..]

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I’m in love with Raoul Garcia, I just know it’s love. Too bad he’ll never know.

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