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Posted by on 2012/05/08 under Uncategorized

I f***ing hate life. It’s not fair that some people have it so easy. They don’t even have to try hard to have a perfect relationship, have beauty and brains, and all that s***. I’m so f***ing sick and tired of feeling so stressed out and crying my f***ing eyes out over the dumbest s***. You don’t even care how I feel. It was your stupid f***ing idea to “talk about our emotions” and to “communicate better” but your stupid f***ing self makes indirect tweets about me. It breaks my heart in half when you say “that you’re really unsure about things” All I ever did was love you. You’re the one that always f***s up, never me. You have made me continuesly cry over and over again and what happens to you? Absolutely nothing. You can just sit back, be a d***, and do what you love doing… jerking off. So f*** you. I don’t even understand why I’m with someone like you. I deserve someone that will give me attention whenever I want it. Not even when I want it, someone that will actually automatically give me attention because I’m their #1 priority. Your #1 is your stupid band which will probably go NO WHERE. I’m the one that works my ass off, I’m the one that drives us everywhere, I’m the one that usually pays for dates. F*** you dude. I hate that I love you.

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