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I’m finally almost over you, I still think of why we didn’t work and all that stuff. But I can think of us and not be close to tears anymore. It’s releaving it sucks though we loved each other so much we didn’t even do anything. But you knew me more than anyone else I let you know almost everything, it may not seem like a lot but that’s far closer that my parents know me or anyone else. You told me all your problems when we first spoke, you told me all the rumours girls were making. Then the rumour about is hooking up in the auditorium you didn’t seem to care though. I was so dumb I treated you like s*** at first I told you we would never be and I didn’t trust you. Soon I started trusting you and soon I was in full blown love. I’ve never felt anything like this with anyone else. I love my family and friends but I was never in love. I know I could find this gem again, but why wouldnt I choose you. Your insecure like me you love bunnies and all animals. You love your family even though they judge you, you love sailing, you love arts and crafts. You were like a little kid but smart and intellectual too. Your friends betrayed you some didn’t well one, that’s why I like her so much. She treats you so well she makes you happy and if your happy I am. I still can’t get over the fact I lied and that’s why all your forevers turned to never all your love turned to care and I was broken. I cried a lot. You were the only reason why i cried in a while. We took a long break I tried to talk but got ignored, I told myself I’d try my hardest to hold on and I did soon a couple months later you were back I was ecstatic. I didn’t want to tell you I still loved you because I was embarrassed. You spent all your time looking for new love but I was holding on to my first. We became very stable, or so I thought. We were back to saying we loved each other and fooling around but then you hooked up with him at your party. The whole day I was ignored and lied too you ended up having that party and you took him as yours. You broke me you f***ing shattered me you said you were drunk and it’s ok. It’s not you wanted him when Im drunk and it’s often I think of you, I always think of you. I don’t feel the hole in my heart anymore it feels good not going to weed or alch. Then you say we shouldn’t talk you said you’d never leave. Want to know something about the night I got arrested I went to smoke because the whole in my heart was hurting so much. You told me we can’t talk, I lost it. I punch everything. I’ve calmed down and realized your moving on an I’m just need to let go. You gave up I didn’t. I try forever of you were here with me but your not and I shouldn’t waste my time. I wrote I’ll love you forever, I promise on my bed on the back so no matter what happens it’ll be there forever and now our love will last forever and ever. It’ll remember me about everything because soon we’ll forget everything and that phrase will bring me back to the time forever was real. I love you so much baby (:3

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