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Saturday 14th April 2012


All of my friends are so pretty. I feel ugly. I feel I’m not worth a penny. They’re so beautiful inside out I’m so jealous. Why are they so perfect? Why can’t I be just a bit like them? I’m so jealous. I’m ugly and worthless. People don’t give a s*** about me because I’m [..more..]

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Saturday 7th April 2012


I’m just going to come out with it.. I am in love with someone who is gay and I don’t know what to do about it anymore. My closest friend now has a girlfriend and I feel I don’t have anyone. My flatmates all want to do things without me and I feel lost. Lost [..more..]

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Friday 16th March 2012


I hope that someone will notice that i am just pretending to be strong and happy…. will anyone notice it is all just an act ??? I hope i could smile from the bottom of my heart

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Monday 5th March 2012


Why won’t you notice me? I cried. Fine, I cried beneath my glasses so you wouldn’t see my tears, but isn’t that your job? TO tell when I’m feeling down, even through my fake smiles and silliness. Why doesn’t anyone notice. I thought that maybe he did notice, because he came over and sat down [..more..]

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Ever have a person that no matter how hard you try and forget about you know try and push them out of your mind. But no matter how hard you try they still are constantly in your mind. NO matter if you get high drunk or sleeping they are somehow there you cant escape them??? [..more..]

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Saturday 3rd March 2012


what is wrong with me?! what the hell is wrong with me? there are so many things going through my head and all i want is for them to stop. just stop, and go away! i want someone exactally like me someone who i can talk to, someone to be with me when times are [..more..]

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Monday 20th February 2012


I can’t help but to keep writing! Ahhh..because i can’t tell anyone..i really miss him..every second..i can’t help but to think about him even though i know it’s wrong..Why does he keep appearing in my dreams? makes me think about him more! I must be crazy..i like him..i really really like him and i know [..more..]

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Wednesday 8th February 2012


I don’t know what to do. I’m 14 years old and lost my virginity, and i’m too scared to tell anyone. Not even my parents know about it. My mom can see how i’m acting differently and is always asking me if i’m okay. I’m always feeling guilty about not telling no one. I’ll have [..more..]

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Sunday 18th December 2011


I have a sister in law that is spreading rumors about me how can I deal with it aslo she know that i know shes talking about me. I’m feeling very sad and i feel like i can’t talk to anyone i know because they will say something to her.

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Thursday 15th December 2011


He still has the power to make me laugh more than anyone else. I long for him to go back with me and pretend some of this didn’t happen so we could just be friends again, so we could actually have a conversation again.

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