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Sunday 24th July 2011


I am sad perhaps depressed,I have been so alone for way to long. I want to run and cry but feel that its a waste of time, as am I. I never found love and now its to late. I went past that period in ones life where your to young to die, but to [..more..]

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Friday 1st July 2011

I feel sick at the idea that you are probably sharing all those sides of you with other people. Other girls. That cute, weird side of you. I want it to be all mine. I don’t want to let anyone else experience or know of it because I’m sure that they will fall in love [..more..]

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Sunday 22nd May 2011

I just cant take it anymore. It’s overwelhming, and I just can’t f***ing breathe. All the walls they’re crushing down on me, and I’m falling. I can’t see the light, and I just want to go away. To talk to somebody, to let them know. But there isn’t anyone I can’t tell, anyone I want [..more..]

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Thursday 17th March 2011

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to loose weight?

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Wednesday 2nd March 2011

I feel sad when my friends left my side for someother person so he is so mad at me for so many reasons so if anyone reads this I hope u know what I’m feeling in my life. If u are thanks for reading this. Thank You very much

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Tuesday 1st March 2011

in my life their is noone to be my friend but one person that is my best friend janea so if you read this anyone I will find out and I will kill u so dont read it or else f*** off for who reads this

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Sunday 23rd January 2011

life is a cruel joke to anyone who cares

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