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Sunday 11th December 2011


being in love sucks, especially when they have no interest in you at all, & are a year older than you, AND they know that you like them because it ‘slipped’ out of your younger brother’s mouth even though he SWORE he wouldn’t tell anyone.

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Saturday 19th November 2011


I can’t sleep. There needs to be a website called “support network”. Where people know that is where they can go to help each other and themselves. Reach out to others where maybe in their town they don’t really have anyone. This is something though. I don’t know. I’ll keep looking for a different site [..more..]

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Saturday 12th November 2011


Sometimes I look at the world, and loneliness consumes me. I wonder: Has anyone ever felt like they were the only one in control of what they do? Has anyone ever thought that someone was controlling those you care about? It’s so odd. Everyone says that you have control over what you do. Then why [..more..]

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Tuesday 8th November 2011


I’m afraid. I imagine things that would be considered terrifying and sometimes I think they are actually there. I don’t have any mental problems I know about and my family doesn’t have a history of it. I know it’s not there so I don’t tell anyone, but…I get a feeling. The feeling that it might [..more..]

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Tuesday 25th October 2011


i just love people….they all are so awesome…i never found anyone bad in my whole life….some people are different but they are cool in their own way. Love you all….love this world and life 🙂

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Monday 5th September 2011


Yesterday i told my bf that i really love him. Is the first time i ever say that no anyone. I was too scared to speak my feelings and knonw Im scared he doesnt feel the same way.

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Sunday 21st August 2011


Write your thoughts/feelings here… I miss my nana anyone know how im feeling ??

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Tuesday 9th August 2011


I wonder,is it bad to be scared of things? I wonder that because have the time when anyone is scared of something,it’s usually of something thats not real. So when ever i watch a scary movie by myself or a friend i always say, “It’s not real,so there is notthing to be afraid of. If [..more..]

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Wednesday 3rd August 2011


I’m going to miss him, even now I feel it. Knowing he won’t be gone for too long of a time, but still knowing I can’t see him when he has taken such and important place. Even though I know I will never have him for my own, it makes me sick to think about [..more..]

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Thursday 28th July 2011


without telling him anything, he knows everything. never has anyone paid that much attention to piece together all these things.

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