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Monday 17th September 2012

I’m done

My decision is made! I don’t know if i can go through with it but i have to try! Either way i am hurt, so why not try?

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Where to go

I don’t know where i’m going in life. In any way. All i know is that where i am now, isn’t some place that makes me happy. There are some places i want to be but i can’t because it would be too complicated and weird, but it would be so good, if i just [..more..]

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Saturday 15th September 2012

Passion where are you?

Every morning I wake up, happy to wake up I might add, wondering whats next? What is to become of my life? Some hours I’m happy, some hours I’m alone. I sit in the dark thinking, thinking too much. Worrying, worrying about things that have not occurred. So many what ifs. What is wrong? What [..more..]

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What do I do?

I have a boyfriend, today.. we have been dating for 1 week. But the problem is, I don’t love him. I love his best friend. And I don’t want to intentually hurt anyone, but I just don’t think me & him are meant to be, we barely ever talk, and I just don’t know.. But [..more..]

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Tuesday 11th September 2012

Will it get better?

When will it get better? People say that life gets better in time.. but does it really? Does life really get better in time? I mean we look older, we are getting older, our backs hurt more, our feet hurt more etc How is that better?.. Maybe i’m looking it at a ignorant way but [..more..]

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Saturday 8th September 2012

Why is it so hard to find “The One”?

why is it sooo hard to find that one special person that makes your days worth living? Is it because you have to find your whole-self before you meet “The One”? Why does love have to be so annoying but so wanted? Is it because by nature we all want something we can’t have or [..more..]

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Crush: a burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special everybody has/had one. some people think a crush and a love are the same thing….. i realized, awhile back in the stressful and confusing way, that a “love” and a “crush” are two different things. A crush is only [..more..]

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Thursday 6th September 2012


why do i always have to be the one who loses her friends becoz of that b**** ..and Oh My God .the way she turns them against me , and hw she victimise herself and try to look like the innocent girl OmG ..i don’t hate her i despise her !

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Monday 3rd September 2012

Good things happen to good people?

Just when I think things get good in my life there’s always something that gets in the way. When will good things happen to me? I’m always there for my friends/ family members for anything. But it seems as if nobody is there for me, why is this? I just want some good things to [..more..]

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Sunday 2nd September 2012

Tired of life

I don’t know what’s going on. Why is life so random? and hard! I have so many things on my mind and so many problems, it makes me forget what’s really important… I want to escape to from all my problems but wherever i go, they’re there. And i don’t know how to solve them, [..more..]

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