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When will it get better? People say that life gets better in time.. but does it really? Does life really get better in time? I mean we look older, we are getting older, our backs hurt more, our feet hurt more etc How is that better?..

Maybe i’m looking it at a ignorant way but i don’t think I like time very much. I want it to stop. Time makes me older, makes my family older, gives me problems that only apparently time can solve, makes me sad, makes me hurt, makes me wait and make’s me think. Time makes me think way to much. I’m getting older i know that.. When should i stop this little dream of becoming something in life? When should i just forget about it and become something more……. conforming? I mean it makes sense right? As you get older your teachers ask what you would like to be and most kids answer… SINGER,DANCER,MOVIE STAR etc. All teachers ask… what’s is your backup plan?.. Thinking this kid will NEVER make it is he/she crazy!?

Is it fair to say that I myself sometimes think that there is honestly no point in life. We all END. There is NO winning in life… We all go out the same way. No special VIP section, no good or bad wine… Just death.

One thought on “Will it get better?

  1. Hugs and Kisses says:

    Don’t give up, don’t be afraid. you’re going to get your blessing and when u do you’ll realize this was all a test and u passed with flying colors!!! Stay strong!

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