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Posted by on 2022/01/27 under Life

It had been a while since you had been to the beach, a while since you stepped on sand. It was kind of weird at first.

You hear a giggle from beside you, and you turn to see your boss, Dr. Jill Biden smiling at you.

"Still getting used to it," she asks, looking up at you.

You nods your head.

She pats the towel next to her as she takes out a cigarette. You watch as she lights it before elegantly exhaling the smoke.

You take a seat on the towel, and for a moment the two of you sit there in silence. Both of you were under an umbrella, sitting on beach towels, and watching the waves of the ocean.

"It's nice, isn't it?"

You turn to look at her. "What?"

"Having these relaxing days alone," Jill smiles at you. She takes another drag of her cigarette.

"It is," you answer. You know tomorrow the two of you would be back at the White House.

So today, you both would enjoy the beach.

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