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Posted by on 2021/10/14 under Life

I'm writing here because I've got no one to talk to, and it will probably not be the last time.
I basically lost trust in people, and I'm not looking for anybody's response, just wanted to write my feelings down.
Right now I feel so sad, lonely, destryed, empty, scared, going no where,useless and meaningless, hopeless, lonely too lonely and afraied, the fuzzy future is so scaring me, I have no plan, don't know what to do.. Can't set a goal for my life, I don't know what do I want, I'm just here..
I feel so lost, really scared, can't trust anybody, I can't even make new friendships, I'm meeting no one, I'm stuck here, I would love to go out and know some new people but I'm stuck at home

One thought on “Lost

  1. Anonymous says:

    same. I wish we could just meet and trust each other or anyone like you. but as soon as we see each others’ lives and faces, we probably will just say goodbye again.

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