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Posted by on 2021/06/04 under Life

I hate it when they say "this structure aligns with [constellation]. end of story. let's move on to the next one."

Whatever we do as humans (or any creature), however intentional, is also coincidental in MANY ways.

Before greater apes evolved, the lesser primates were not in africa yet. Their social structures to this day consists of a leader with unlimited power and a bunch of others who aren't currently possessing unlimited power but switch off with each other to be leader. Nobody directly attacks the leader. They are like marionettes, controlled by the leader. When two of them slap one another, it is because the leader made a certain facial expression instead of another one which would have been optimal. In this way the leader chooses subconsciously for himself to step down, as another replaces him. In modern day china there are snub-nosed monkeys with no nose bridge sticking out. They migrate around according to the will of their unlimited power-wielding leaders who are sometimes leaders and sometimes not. Over generations the lesser primates of China ended up in Africa that many millions of years ago, along with lesser primates from all around the world at that point in time (continents looked different and were more connected). They were all 'lead by their silverbacks' to the same place. Then greater apes emerged: chimps and orangutans and gorillas and us. Then our Homo genus, still guided by unlimited power, went back to exactly from where they came from. Each minute thing that we do is subject to the same harmonic order.

When someone builds a bunch of star forts, what reason could there possibly be that they DON'T align with some cosmic thing? Everything any creature does is aligned with other things. You can't land on a magenta tile in chess because there are only black and white (or red) tiles. There's no such thing as NOT being aligned with stuff. Concentration and rumination and deliberation are by no means disproof of free will.

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