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Posted by on 2020/10/30 under Life

Why me always?
I seriously don't want to be a fool and keep telling people around ohhh bad things happen with me only,i am always correct but my destiny is to be blamed.
I know there is my fault but its really tough for me to take the blame since childhood i have always blamed others for everything if there was no people involved i blamed god for it.
I know i have ruined the opportunity my parents gave to me and i feel really sorry for it. They are also sad even more than me but i just failed and its the only truth we have to cope with it whether its digestable or not we have to deal with it.. I must tell that its not just a hoax that god lives with us in our parents form, it is really true .even after giving me a chance which i wasted they are ready to give me one last chance nobody would ever do this but a god which is our parents will.
I am really shattered to see them giving me a fake smile just to calm me down. I also try to be normal but when i reach my room i cry Instantly its very tough to pretend you have moved on and happy. My nights are full of sorrow and disheartened pain.
I always want to think positive but i end up thinking about taking my life.
I know it will cause them more harm and misery and thats the reason i am able to write this. I know if i become more serious and dedicated i will make them proud and fulfil our dream but i am just so afraid of failure now.. For a person like me who never faced failure before its just so freaking tough to let it go and work for it
I just want my parents to shine again as they used to after seeing me succeed .i know i am already late but i will definitely work for their happiness i have caused them a lot of pain. But i promise now i will never let them down now.. Afterall its your parents only who are worth your sacrifices in this world.
Am i right?
Please help and suggest me ways to improve myself

One thought on “Please read this!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay. The first thing you need to understand is if you choose suicide then you will not be able to take any advice from anyone.

    Secondly, no matter how large the mistakes we make, EveryONE has made mistakes, Drastic mistakes and taking the wrong path in some way, and more than once!

    No one is perfect and exempt from mistakes and I refer to anyone who thinks they are perfect, free from the ability to make a mistate as SnowFlakes.

    You said you failed! What Classes or life. No one knows who you are so a little detail into where you failed would help others figure out better how to help or offer advice.

    Thus I myself am perplexed and reserve my thoughts and limit such to the above. We need ” just a little more information”

    Sounds like your family is a pretty good one spite how you think they feel. Unless they just told you flat out
    We are giving you one last chance, then you really dont know what they are thinking.
    If you do know what they are thinking and can prove it I doubt you would be posting here.

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