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Posted by on 2020/10/15 under Life

Nobody here knows me and it makes me comfortable sharing my story by people who aren't brainwashed by thinking it's for attention, or that I use this story for empathy, or anything other than it just being my story. When I was younger I grew up in the same household most grow up in. I had both my real parents in my life, and all my siblings, and everything was perfect, till my parents become toxic to one another and spilt up without any of us seeing it coming. It happens and it does suck, but we all go through it and everything kept going. My life was still pretty content and happy, and even got better once my mom found someone new that was my new 'dad'. Everything was perfect well almost perfect. It was perfect up until I was about 7 then what I saw as my 'dad' started touching me and I didn't think anything of it because I was just 7 I thought it was fine that since he was now my new dad he was able to do so. Till it never stopped it kept escalating. It escalated into him making me touch him to him physically having sex with me. I was only 7.I was a child someone who was so young and didn't know wrong from right. I let this man touch me from the age of 7 to 13 because he then would start threatening to kill my family or blame it on my siblings and force them to go to jail for his wrong doings. There is nothing more than I want from this besides to get closure from it. To finally put an end to the thing that haunts me the most from everything. The thing that keeps me from allowing myself to fall in love with other people because all I see in guys is wanting me for my body. He put this toll on me that I want to finally get rid of. I want to be happy and I want to allow someone to love me for me, and not to overthink the whole process of them just using me for my body. I've grown from it and I've been strong and sometimes it just makes me want to give up because I am sick of feeling like I am so unlovable from anyone.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    He is still living with you and your family?? Your mom knows about it?? You should tell your mom , she’ll help you for sure and I think his threats are empty.. No offence, I am only trying to comfort or help you, pls don’t mind me … 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe if you turned him in to authorities your healing could begin. If you’re still in school you could talk with a school counselor but I would first talk with your mother and biological father. Think of all the other lives he’s destroyed and will continue to destroy. You are not his only victim! But you could be his last! He is a predator and a coward that prey on innocent lives and he needs professional help. Please, please, please stop his vicious cycle before he steals someone else’s innocence.

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