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Posted by on 2020/04/14 under Life

A sneak peak of a story I'm writing

"Well, well…." The lady whispered. She looked at all of us, stopping at mom, not seeing me cowering behind her. The lady smirked, "Oh, it's you."

Mom gave a growl. "Rita, I see you brought your husband along with you."

"Of course she brought me, Minerva," The man smiled. He kissed Rita's hand, making her giggle. "Now Gideon, you know we have to handle these traitors first." said Rita.

Gideon sighed and yelled "Molly! Get in here! Now!"

M-Molly? No…please no.

My fear came true and I felt my heart freeze seeing Molly, my friend Molly walk into my house and actually stand next to these two who are here to kill us. She looked directly at me for a split second and quickly moved over to Rita's left side.

Was mom right about Molly? Was she just a spy who used me to get close to my family? l felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see it was aunt Alice. She wasn't facing me and she still had her gun in her other hand. But I knew that she knew seeing Molly with them was hurting me.

Rita let out a cold laugh. "So this is where you've been staying for the past 10 years?"

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