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I don't understand how they are booking this Witches Revolution. Bellatrix is obviously the most over and has the best heel mannerisms, but they keep pushing boring Hermione. 'Granger Mode' is so lame. Cho is totally underused, Luna's character doesn't make any sense, and I have no idea why McGonagall keeps inserting herself as the authority figure. Who is booking this s***?

One thought on “Revolution

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well lets face it, you have checked out of reality!

    But let me join you in this fantastical world as I was a real follwer of the way.

    WC is about shaping a better outcome in the real world without harming anyone or any thing. Definitely not about fallowing some ultimate evil and causing death and suffering.

    Bellatrix no matter how high her heels clicked was a bad girl and deserved the slap on the wrist.But I would spank her in a few other places without a thought or hesitation. However, I really loved the one on one with her and Hermione trapped under her as we know what was going on while the camera was not on her and focused on mr. potter. Oh those innocent screams of pain were so hot. Rape? I don’t think so, Granger was just playing the role and liked being bound.
    If only Mr. Bell would put on some sexy leather and show up in my dreams with Hermione on a leash with a whip. we could get some good freak on…..mmmmmmm

    Hermione, has that young perky boob-bubble but cherry Power manipulation going on and all eyes were not just on her stylish wand. Even she was checking her own self out when she and potter went back in time. You really think that bowl of water in Dumbledore quarters was for just for seeing “you know Who” memories? Maybe he made a few sneak peeks into the many girls lue’s and hot bath, maybe made a few real contacts along the way. Those girls were really hitting some high notes as they praised the Dumbledore icon in song, even the frog croaked to confirm that fact. More so, its ironic Dumbledore busted potter for using the mirror that late one night. Every wonder why Dumbledore was popped in to see the mirror in the middle of the night. Remember it shows you what you want the most but cant have. I’m betting it was granger and the WHOLE Student body list of the cherry budding hotties. Nothing like cherry juices on that long white beard. Grainger was first second, third, in the middle and last of the line and it was not just single session quickies.

    Lovegood: Lest face it! Luna was not named that accidentally and the whole school knew it and kept conjuring up potions to keep her loopy so she could say NO and started loven it like a big mac and as much as air itself. I love it she was in a different reality. You can think up some freaky stuff when the socail norm is off the table. Even I admit, I would give her a potion or two, suck and lick the shirt and pants right off her while she teased those freaky horses with an apple, and I would feed her some meat. But, you must Wonder why she was trying every food in the book to lure in the stud horse to her before potter showed up? We know she wanted to ride with that azz all arched out for the camera and shoes off ready to ride. Its always a hassle to get the shoes and socks off in the heat of the moment you know. No matter,she could squeez down on my saddle horn and whimper “huuuurt ….soooo …gooiiiooodd” to the pleasing pain. I would keep her in the dungeon and tough bather her every hour until her skin was whiter than it was. She would be my choice lust slaves for life… or until she uglier up and porked out like in dancing with the stars.

    Cho- Well if I ever found the room of requirements, I know she would be in there nude and wanting begging and waiting as she is totally required and tops my list. Shy or not, I would show her how I waved my want and used it for good. Swish and flick “lum-bar-dian levey-osta” that hot catholic short dress and top and anything else underneath. I dont know if I would be begging or if she would. I would definitely put her in the dungeon with Luna and keep them both safe from growing old. Im still working on her in my mind and will continue to think up new bad girl roles for her. In short I would hit it so hard and long it would redefine the word infinity.

    McGonagall- every house has the older experienced Mistress, who do you think Granger got the time traveler from. McGonagall still barrows and uses it and takes a LONG trip back in time. Hey ! for her age shes still got it and lets not forget she knows how to Transfigure (Vera Verto), you really think she just uses that incantation on bird so she can get a Tall drink of water? One look in the mirror and she’s hotter than potter… his notoriety anyway.

    But you did skip a name or two. Lets not leave out Ron Ron’s Nympho gal nor his hot little red head Sister.

    Theres nothing like a Lavender Nympho and Im not talking about Nympodora just yet, she comes later. Ron Ron’s gal “Lavender” seems to be into more than just snogging. That word just turns me on as much as she did. And there is nothing like getting a snogging 3-5 times a day. She seems up for it and willing, and I relate snogging to gagging down deep. But shes got a little protective tender loving side too, so I would let her love on me with all the worshiping praise and soft kisses she wanted to give it. I have a new magic trick for her though, Lick and swallow… but she already knows how to say Mmmmmmmmm!

    Ginny is red hot! I dont know what it is about her but shes got it and its too. that should be T&A too. Those tight lips of hers are just made for kissing and taking the tongue (both sets) the ones you see on her face and the others down below. As long as she crushed on harry, do you think HP really spent all those night alone
    when he came to visit and stay with ron. Ginny was quite the maiden and good with a wanting want that packed her own power of lust. Boom Boom out goes the lights and Ginny goes to work trying to get HP little Phoenix. She really liked checking out Harry if you didn’t notice. In most scenes she was always in the back shots and cheking out the rear. She might even be into a little finger action with Granger, and I wold not be sup-prized if she went azz to mouth, which is okay if your clean or do a few cotton balls in a threesome with Granger and harry. I can just see the two girls sharing the load and it being all cotton candy as the both swallow the white smoothie. BTW, I bet with the exception of a nice trim, Ginny and Granger both have a tight trim that is mostly a smoothie.
    Pinker nips and lips, both gals sharing those young bud perks, just makes me want to look up some fake pics and see the young puffy buds in my mouth. That pube too, so downy smooth and soft it tickles the nose like a feather and juices like honey.

    Nympodora- Its funny how girls bark when you call them out for what they are. But there was nothing hotter then when this Nympho was showing Ginny how far her lips would stretch out. Thats just about the right length and I would not freak at the sight of those loooong lips around piece of oak woody wand. That would be the start and end clip, everything in between cant be shown in the rated version as the clothes are being washed if you know what I mean. There is not a leaky hole on her that I would neglect to plug, and she would have so many facials, she would need a swimming mask and snorkel just to breath. every word she spoke would be with a gasp and throat clearing as it does seem to glaze the throat and smooth out the words.

    You want to talk about which one is better? I’ll let you know when infinity ends.

    Well! In case you didnt notice, I stole g rangers Time Traveler and am using if for myself. I set it for an infinite loop so I can use it on all the gals mentioned and even a few that is not. If it ever breaks, I just hit Dr. Strange up for his time manipulating power necklace and learn how to use that for the same purpose. It will be a bliss.

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