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Posted by on 2018/11/18 under Life

you know mom told me that we were to young to love,maybe she was right. I know she was right we were too f***ing young why didn't we wait actually why didn't we mature together why couldn't we f***ing grow up a little more. now here I am pregnant hiding it from my family, not able to tell you only because ypou never f***ing listen. we cant be parents we are too young how are we going to do this

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh sweetie, Virtual hug…
    Im sorry that you were never taught by your friends or the internet about the nice guys and the users. The fact that he does’t listen to you means is is a b**** and probably using you to be real. I can’t even imagine how scared you must be. Are you old enough to drive? Get a abortion, how ever old you are, Its not the right time. If you are even thinking for the slightest bit that having a child is somewhat a happy and good thing, Think twice. If you are still in school, Don’t have a child. It will make you miserable and stressed because not only do you have to focus on school work but you have to take care of another human being. You can have children when you are stable and married or with someone for a long time, But honey… its not your time. Hang in there… If your not old enough to drive or there isn’t a doctor in walking distance of you, you might have to tell your parents. Stay Strong. You can be a Warrior.
    Im willing to help with thats why i left my email. Im in high school too (i assume your in high school) so i cant help money wise but i can give advice and emotional support.

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