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Posted by on 2017/10/06 under Family

So I just discovered that my dad's cheating on my mom and I have no f***ing idea what to do. I don't even feel like his kid anymore. Tbh there's been plenty of signs all these years and the whole family(including mom) simply ignored it and waved it off and now I have actual concrete proof and I don't know what to do.>_<
My dad is one of the best dads in the world- he's caring and kind most of the time. He did beat me recently but I threatened to call the police and it hasn't happened again. Anyway he's paying for my education and everything so I can't leave him either.
He and mom met when around 16 years old and they're currently 50. To the outside world, it's a blissful enviable marriage where they both love each other completely. But from what I can see, my mom's slowly become indifferent to him. And rumours of my dad cheating have been around since I was in 2nd grade (like since 2004), I remember my mom mentioning it to me later in 2011 and I just ignored it cos I was a kid and I had no idea how to respond to that s***. I believe my dad's had multiple affairs over the years and now it looks like he's having another one. Looking back, I remember he used to stare intently when he saw a pretty girl (one of our previous house maids, our most recent vet), it was obvious enough that even I saw it and eventually asked him whether he liked them and he just laughed it off, I remember the words sticking in my throat when I tried to ask him if he thought they were prettier than mom (I held back, I was 12 back then and I didn't wanna know the answer). Recently, he accidentally sent me a text meant for a lover, I deleted it immediately simply because I didn't wanna see the proof right in front of my eyes. I feel like if I eventually marry, that guy's gonna be a cheater and I'll have to suffer in silence and bear the pain like my mom does, so this s***'s gonna affect all my personal relationships as well.
I feel pretty f***ed up,like I don't feel like I want to be his daughter anymore. I look at my mom and think about why she can't leave him after all these years, he still acts very loving towards her so I guess she turns a blind eye on his affairs for our sake. I feel betrayed and it feels like I'm never gonna trust a guy again. Like if my awesome dad turned out to be a cheater, what's gonna stop some other guy from cheating on me eventually? I don't think I'm gonna tell my mom what I found, we might as well keep up the pretense of a happy family but this killed me inside. I don't think I should tell my younger brother either.. he doesn't need to feel this s***. I no longer believe or trust in the idea of a happy marriage, and I feel like I shouldn't even hope for such a thing in my own life.
The worst part is I can't even tell anyone or look for help. My friends believe I have a perfect family and I can't break that image. I feel numb inside. If anyone has advice or some idea of what to do.. help.

2 thoughts on “Why tf do people cheat?!?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thats it blame it on the man. Everyone cheats women just lie and hide things better. They even spread their legs quicker than warm butter on hot toast for a stranger over the husband.

    Don worry! YOu will cheat on many men and act like your an innocent angle, that I am sure of. all women do!

    Seriously! Go a year or two eating the same food (your favorite and only that) every single day, morning, lunch and evening and see if you don’t tire of the same meal and want something different (JUST ONCE). Then you will understand cheating.

  2. Anonymous says:

    BTW…screw what your friends think! Opions are something everyone has.

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