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Tuesday 25th October 2011


Somewhere to write, some place to think. But i have no direct ideas, i mean i dont know wat to write. Lets make it simple. The first idea that comes to my little brain compared to the whole universe. The love, the sex, the feelings, the ability to experience something new, thats wat keeps me [..more..]

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Monday 24th October 2011


Your eyes, deep as the ocean. Your eyes, bright as sea green foam. Your eyes, drawing me near. Your eyes, like a spell on my soul. Your eyes, taunting me so. Your hair, in its long sun-shined strands. Your hair, perfect. Your hair, the way it glided when you move. Your hair, in its glorious [..more..]

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The only mistake in my life, I made friends and I love them, I care about them and a biggest mistake, I except the same Or half Or Even a little part of that care,… I am really sorry to myself Doing those kind of stupid mistakes, I apologize …I will never ever done this [..more..]

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This is a message to YOU. You there, reading this – yes, you. Not someone else. YOU. I want you to know, whoever you are, that you are beautiful, inside and out. You are unique, and that is exactly what makes you perfect. And one more thing that I can promise you is true – [..more..]

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These are my goals for the future: – Stop trying to deprive myself of sleep. Go to sleep, now, to wake up nice and late tomorrow. No alarms this time. – Do something worthwhile. Start with what I need to get done, so I can enjoy the rest of the holday. – Not hurt myself. [..more..]

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Sunday 23rd October 2011


hi. i have never met you in person, but we’re like such good friends at this point via vid chat and what not. and you talk so much and i love it. and i love how much we have in common. and you’re adorable. you should move to new york city, and we can cuddle [..more..]

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My Dearest Daniel, I know you will never read this letter but i need to write it anyway…. I met you 4 1/2 yrs ago at a party…. and ever since meeting you my world my life has been a roller coaster of good bad and ugly….. 4 1/2 yrs of driving past where your [..more..]

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im sick of being left out of my friends, no one cares about me so why should i just stick around and be all buddy with them.

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Friday 21st October 2011


Write your tho I feel so out of place in my place within here where my voice is no more and my soul wants to go full boar I feel so complacent with your law and it makes me feel so sick so I write a wee bit and I say where my disk you [..more..]

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I love you so much and yet I dont know if you’re the person Im going to marry. That makes my heart ache. Are we wasting eachother’s time? I dont know..

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