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Posted by on 2012/04/05 under Uncategorized

How much more can two people take in life take? So many disapointments, some as large as the universe! We’re on a decade long bad streak. Life altering back injury, 3 surgeries, One Mother passed away in April 2011 from Cancer, another is fighting for her life with breast cancer, One father is having strokes, the other heart problems. Family is all blown to emotional dysfunction to the point nobody expresses love or concern, our home has been deemed a fraud house and is riddled with mold totaling 80k in damages. When can we come up for air? I am just at my end in this life!
When it rains it pours and I dont think I have it in me to endour anymore. The saddest of all for me is how dysfunctional my family is. I can deal with this crap shack we live in, but knowing how divided we all are in my family just guts me. I cant carry this load anymore. In a years time I have left my house maybe 15 times. Im just shattered emotionally! I thought for so many years I was strong, that I could get back up when trial and adversity challenged me… I just dont feel strong anymore. Just to shower and brush my teeth everyday is a chore which takes great effort. I feel as though I am fading away. Life is what you make of it, and right now I feel like nothing!

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