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Posted by on 2021/04/25 under Love

Relationships are one sided. I’ve never been in one that wasn’t. You’ll always have one person wanting too much and giving too little. It’s not always the same person all the time these roles switch. Sure there are sacrifices that are made from each individual but what person sacrifices the most? Is it the woman that gave her youth or the guy that can’t sleep around, or maybe it’s the person that keeps giving to make there family happy. Should I do everything that I’m expected of, will they do everything that I ask. And still what if? What if that’s not good enough, what if there’s more to give, what if there’s lies, what if no ones willing. Willing to change, to give, to notice, to care enough or about what the other wants or is asking and expecting. Expectations are a given. The weight of the world is a must. and sacrifices are expected. But what if there not given? Does one just take these things? Can someone take them? They have to be given. Do I give in to them until I can’t? Should I sit in my loneliness and bitterness until it swallows me and consumes my everyday life. Or do I take and take expecting everything that is needed to make me happy in life. “Well, if you’re not happy then just go.” Isn’t that such a funny little line. As if all lines should be crossed. Relationships are one sided, just like life no one makes it out alive. Happiness, better yet happiness in a relationship, it’s limited, it has an expiration date. No one is happy all of the time. Do you get out when the going gets tuff? One of you are destined for sadness. Both of you always get hurt. A part of you chipped away, damaged. Then what? I guess you could say you rebuild yourself. And what does that new self look like? Colder, more giving, less expecting, nicer, more than what you were or less. Were you not good before? Was it them that didn’t live up to enough? Enough! Relationships are one sided. You get let down or maybe we expect to much, one gives as the other takes and the tables are always offset. Oh, but love! Love can conquer all. Right! Love can be blinding, suffocating, it can rob you of what you want and just before you bleed out the last ounce from handing over your heart you get left or cheated. As you pick up your stomped on organ you try to push it back in but it’s still not in the spot it once was. Then you are alone, now with a f***ed up heart that won’t be the same, you’re to figure out what happened. Everyone has an idea of what love looks like but in the end that’s the problem. Expecting, sacrificing, unfulfilling, and then the bitterness. Then if you go in blindly what will be the outcome? Blind love, it sounds like the beginning of a punch line.

2 thoughts on “F*** you

  1. Anonymous says:

    Social media is so f***ing fake. What the hell are these people trying to prove. If you have something to prove or you are trying to convince people that really don’t f***ing matter and if that’s the case you have bigger issues then how fake you are. I feel so old but it seems some people my age are still faced with fitting in by putting on a persona or playing a roll. Look at me!! Look at me!! Barf, I clearly don’t think I or anyone else are that ducking interesting to even keep up with.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m feeling lonely so f***ing lonely.

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