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Posted by on 2020/07/22 under Love

I decided to shoot my shot and send him a snap it was a lighthearted pic with me flipping him off and saying "I'm gonna leak ur nudes". This of course was a joke I just wanted to see if he would open the snap on his own and actually talk to me. Well the hours passed and nothing, eventually it was time to go to bed but even then that's all I could think about was him replying. I must of checked my phone like 50 times- checking to see if he at least opened it. As the hours passed my fear of being ignored/rejected started growing. After I had woken up the next day to the snap still unopened I just decided to text him "open my snap pussy" this of course was a risk because I didn't know if he even wanted to hear from me but… much to my surprise a coupe minutes after that text I get the notification he's typing on snap. Me being the child I am start getting all excited, now when he finally sent the message I didn't open it right away I left it there for some time. Not that long after he texts me "Yo why would you send me that😭" when I get that text I decide to open his snap message. He says "leak what 😂" and I see he deleted a pic he sent me and saved a video I sent him, so now my face is obviously like :o. So I snap him 'surprised Pikachu face' and then to answer his text message I sent him a vine "F*** you, that's why". His response to that was "this n**** bruh💀". At this point I'm cracking up so I head back to snap where he says something like "you were gonna expose me 😔" to which I reply "I was playing 😔" "saved ma s*** 😪". Then he says "ohh" 'you want me to send another one" I misread his message and thought he said "you wanna send me another one" so my response was "you think after you dubbed me imma send u s*** yea sure". He answered by restating his original message so then I was like "ohh" "maybe 👉🏻👈🏻". His next text was him saying he never dubbed me then it was me refreshing his memory on how he def did. So eventually, fast forward, I tell him how he didn't act on anything we had talked about when we finally sw each other and he said it was cause I was high af- to be fair I was- so I was like ok valid but you better not pussy out the next time I pull up. He tells me ight next time, I then telling I'm going back for a week, next week (I just realized I never mentioned we live in different states, I moved to a neighboring state 2 years ago) and he says he's down. Then he asks for nudes (typical 🙄) but hey we're finally talking again so I'm not trying to disagree so I say "u first" he complies I send him something too he replies with "that's hot 😭" I say "Ik😌" BUT THEN HE relies with the hottest most shocking video captioned "but not hotter than me😌". Now I am rarely, if ever, speechless but that video… 🥵🥵🥵. All I could respond with is "I-" "Ur better" he says "you can't beat me" and that's where the conversation ended. So yea I'm writing this 2 days?? I think after and damn that video keeps me up at night. I don't know if anything is actually gonna happen when I head over there but damn I'm hoping it does. My feelings for him are there of course they probably always will be but idc, I don't love him for his body but damn that sure is a bonus. I have affection for him, I care for him, I have love for him of course but I really think getting my desire for him fulfilled will really help with the crazy feelings I have for him.

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