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Posted by on 2020/05/07 under Love

so this goes back to 2016 i was 19 back then… and i was in bangkok with my friends. it was a saturday night and walking street was full with drunken all places were too loud and we were completly drunk we decides to get more f***ed up so we rushed to this silent bar in the back alley.

there in the bar i met this cute girl. she was wearing a arabic headgear rolling up some j very hippie kinda girl. i kept looking so she invited me to smkkoe some me and the guy s we went and we had a good time with her.

later guys decided to head to the nearest club which i avoided and stayed with that girl. she told me how shes been teaching in diffrent parts of thailand and travelling and all the mad stuff she did on some island.

she told me everything expect her name. we talked all night about our past things we did when we were young, again i asked her for her name. she kept quiet but she was clever with the words she dodged it in a very subtle way.
after all the talks it was almost morning we rolled up a last joint and waved goodbye

next day i did not see her but hotel staff told me that she left for northern thailand and gave me an address. now this was very sweet and filmy at the same time. well giving a sweet happy ending i followed her there and began the conversation with "whats your name" 😀

One thought on “whats your name?

  1. Anonymous says:

    So what’s her name ? Are you two together now ? 🙂

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