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Posted by on 2019/10/02 under Love

I have a boyfriend. We have been together for approx. 8.5 months. He is one of the most caring men I have ever met. I really respect him and dont want to hurt his feelings at all. I see that he is falling for me more and more everyday. I dont have any feelings for him as romance. I cant get out of this relation or else I will lose him and so many friends probably. What do I do. Its getting frustrating each and every day to pretend that ilovehim when I dont. The fact that I might be seen as a hoe and also loose friends makes me more stressed. I almost have a emotional breakdown everyday. I cant reply ily2 when he says ily because if i dont mean it i dont want to say it to raise hope. I ignore him when he says ily to me. I f***ed up

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  1. Littlesister says:

    This is a really sticking situation. I see what your problem is in this situation, and why you would be thinking of it like this. The best solution is definatly talking to him, but how to tell him can be a litte harder. One thing you could possibly do is tell him you are starting to lose feelings for him, and you do not feel the same was as you used to. Another option is start closing youself off from him, like stop hanging out with him and do not talk to him first and be really dry when talking to him. This way he can tell that you are loosing feelings, but you do not have to tell him yourself. One more option I can think of is making him breakup with you. You could do something you know he doesnt like to get him to break up with you, but it is not recommended. My most recommended one would be the first one because it is more truthful and has the best way of saving your friendship.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So you have been jerking him around for nearly a year…so typical! Your the 2019 poster child winner for all the female race. Let me guess, it started out as “JUST FRIENDS” and you didn’t say or do anything to lure him in….You just woke up one day and IT JUST HAPPENED, so no one can blame you! Shed a few fake tears and practice the shy hurt-n-sorry depressed puppy dog poutie face in the mirror for a week or two and everyone will feel sorry for you in your drama paradox, but his scar will never heal and he will remember the person you truly are. You are just hoping you can find that perfect lie by asking others (in here) what to say and how to maneuver it so it doesn’t look like your fault. So you can keep up the little miss innocent victim of circumstances game and come out without a scar or scarlet letter on the social pole.

    You started this because you felt empty inside and this allowed you to claim you have a social status boyfriend and suck up and feed that abyss of needy self ego. ((((Look at me! Girl with a bo and lots of friends too boot)))).

    Oh you must be so popular and talented in the crowd to keep this charade up for nearly a year. But you don’t want to loose the friends and hurt his feelings by Telling Him the TRUTH! Want in one hand and crap in the other hand and see which one gets full first! Which you should have done the day you met!

    You’re an Emotioal Parasite and Slug, sucking the life and emotions out of everyone then leaving a slimy trail behind. And all the attention you are sucking up is not enough to feed your need for that minute by minute ego boost. So you come here for some more just a little more boost in a different flavor! And Might gain an Exit Strategy that will allow you to escape unscathed as to save your wonderful reputation. Just so you can do it to some other guy you fickle little naughty girl.

    Hey, it is his friends not yours, so let him know that you have just played him for a fool and have been wasting his time for the past year, using him for the extra friend bucket list as to feed that crack head infested ego junky fix you gag for like oxygen… its okay its just a real harm done! Only needed him to make you feel like you were somebody! Careless for all the emotional damages you have done and will do (which cannot be undone) … All because of your accidental innocent mistake….. Boo Hoo! All better now!

    Shed a few tears like all little girls do, that will solve the whole thing and take away his scars and solidify the ideology of all females which is nothing but Selfish Whoreses Azzes who only finger their selves in private then pretend to be saint Mr.Angle and wear crosses around their neck, go to church on Sunday, and proclaim “Im a good girl and miss perfect better and too good to even look at you” daily routine.

    You deserve every word of this and more.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ya you dont know my story friend. Its okey its just how it sounds. And no i didnot just wake up one day and was like yey it happened. I guess you were one of the people who was left by someone giving similar reasons but just so you know I told him that I was not readyfor a relationship and gave him every hint I could to tell him that I was not into him. I have never said ily to him ever even when he told me that. I just replied with love emojis or just ignored the message. No i am not going to cry everyday with those puppy face for a week and gain sympathy. I will confront him and his friends face to face and accept my mistakes after our vacation when our college starts. And I will tell you what happens for sure. And thank you as well because i needed to know the truth from his perspective as well and now that you have pointed it out, I will work on it. Thank you for writing this much and investing your time

  4. Anonymous says:

    Update : I decided hold on to this relationship and we have been together for about 1.5 years.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Do u love him

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