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Posted by on 2018/12/06 under Love

I'm so sorry for what I did to you.. If I hadn't made such a stupid mistake and cheated on you in high school, you would still trust me unconditionally, no matter who I was hanging out with. You're still with me after all these years after giving me a second chance, but you struggle to trust me with seeing anyone I get remotely close to of the opposite sex.
After outgrowing the hormones of my teenage years, I regret having done that more than anything, constantly asking myself why I did it and I can never seem to justify it. I used to say "hormones" and a "bad time in my life." Now, all I see is a visible, obvious, deep, mental scar I've left on you and I just keep thinking, "I did that. I Did That. I DID THAT!" over and over again to the point I'm actually shouting at myself where no one can hear me. Oh God, why did I do that?.. I'm so sorry..

One thought on “I’m so sorry..

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can relate. Sort of. He had cheated on me first, but I got my revenge on him. Long story.

    But anyway, I understand where you’re at, because I’ve felt it too. I still do feel it. It’s a little hard for me to comment at the moment, but I believe we are about to break-up (for unrelated reasons). But… What I can tell you is that you have to CONSTANTLY show them that they can trust you. CONSTANTLY tell them you love them. Give them your attention. Prove to them that they’re the only one that matters.

    I had to put some of my friends on the back burner and lost my best friend because of it.

    But we’ve been together for 6+ years. The love is still there, just not as strong as it was.

    Show them effort, show them care and love… It’ll get better.

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