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Posted by on 2017/08/10 under Love

Hey, it's me.

I enjoyed the time we spent together.

When you show me things that are important to you, it makes my heart flutter.

When you laugh, that rare and impossibly precious sound, it makes my face heat up.

I love our shenanigans. We're supposed to be on-task, focused and working, but that never quite happens. We play inappropriate music far too loud or look up videos to chitter about or taunt each other. I can relax with you. Being around you is so nice.

I've gathered your past from the fleeting snippits you've dropped to me. Somebody hurt you and left your heart trodden and sore. You try to brush it off and act invincible for your public image, but I saw today that you were hurting. It made me hurt, too. You will find somebody who will compliment your personality, whose presence will emphasize your greatness. You will be happy and you will be loved like you you deserve and yearn for.

But it won't be me.

Our stars will never align. We were never meant to be, and while I can see in your fickle eyes and crooked smile that you have considered my hand in yours, you know as well as I do that we cannot possibly be with one another. It hurts me far more than it could hurt you, I'm sure. But we both must be okay with this and we both must move on.

I find it fair to say that I love the body you are so conscious of and the personality you have shown me, the one that is gentle and pure and complex and lovely. I am absolutely in love.

And you will never love me back.

I'm writing to let you know that I'm going to turn my attention elsewhere and be okay. I want you to know that you will be okay, too. You will attract another with a true affection for you and only you; it would be impossible not to with a demeanor as grand as yours.

I hope you find happiness.

I really do.


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