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I hope you know I miss you. Still. It annoys me greatly that you spent so little time in my life, and treated me with, sometimes, high levels of disreguard. But I miss you still.A new ones come along, He’s lovely, but here I am thinking about you, comparing him to you. And it’s unfair, He is far superior. But not you.

I doubt you ever think about me, Im just a distant memory these days. A mildly fun mistake in what must seem a distant life now. but here I am still remembering previous times. Dodgy pubs in Brean, and the way you have to sit at a table to eat.

I want to show him off to you, I want you to be jealous at what you missed out on. But more than that I want you to know how much I still bloody care.

I wish nothing but the best for you, I want nothing but happiness for you, I just wish I could let you go 151

all my love still

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  1. Kalira says:

    It feels like me, although, it’s not me that wrote it.

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