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Posted by on 2012/06/05 under Uncategorized

Aw man, I’m laying in bed listening to pandora, currently listening to the cure, man I haven’t felt like this in a while, I’m so bummed out, I feel lonely, but not the loneliness of the absence of a friend or bf, but the loneliness of just feeling lonely, I haven’t felt like this since woo,long, through out my life In some occasions I’ve been depress,migrated myself from people,pop a pill and lock myself in my room just looking in the mirror, thinking what am I and listen to music, goodness music help me a lot, I thank life for music, music is probably the thing that helps a person cope with situations like this, I’m in need of a prt, to feel an affection to not feel lonely to feel like I can comfort something so I can feel comfort, now that I’m out of school I’m lonely at home moms at work no daddy at home little sister in school and I’m just at home doing nothing, I’ve grown up with pets and whenever I needed someone I always found a beautiful comfort with pets I felt like they cared, even without saying anything they made me feel like i had something so now that I’m in need of comfort I have no one, yes I have a close friend but I don’t know how to communicate with a human of how I feel of what’s going through my mind, not so long ago I felt happiness, I felt happy after my depression, but now I’m afraid it’ll come back, I feel ugly from the inside , I feel messed up, sometimes I just run away from it all , I understand how other people can be worse than me, yes i understand, but i know how i feel I don’t know how they feel , and what I feel I don’t want to cope with it. sometimes i want to stop caring, stop school, stop everything with friends, get away for a while, stay away from family, the city, the trees , the people who walk the dogs around the streets, stop walking through the same place I walk in each day, stop getting in cars, stop speaking, stop hearing, stop feeling… I want to stop trying.

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