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Love is a deep word that many people use in a way they don’t truley feel…well i DO know what love is and well Kayla i love you…i know you’ll never see this but i really want you to know how i feel and obviously you don’t or you wouldn’t put me thro all the pain of being your girlfriend and then you cheat on me…then you date me again and once again cheat on me…imagine if i did that to you. I really love you the way you are but you don’t love me at all or you wouldn’t hurt me…over and over again…I really love you and even if you did understand i can never give you another chance cause of how much you hurt me. And you know our fav. song?…well pain without love is really tough and takes a lot to hold it in when your around the person that hurt you every f****** day.(Pain-Three Days Grace)I really will miss you when you move but it’s the way it should be especially knowing it was your choice. I have a hard time holding this kind of thing for a long period of time so my whole laptop is filled with this kind of writing knowing you’ll never see it.(It’s in my notebook program, sticky-notes on my screen, and all over my screen saver.) And to make this even more interesting…you are the first person i’ve ever had to write this much about. And i can usually never write this long to somebody even if it isn’t to them. Kayla you have no idea how much it hurts for me to have lost you twice and then you move. Now you are at blame for me cutting myself…i don’t anymore but i did and you are at fault cause the only reason is i did was cause you hurt me…a song you don’t know but should really look up…”i did it for love” (B.O.A.-I did it for love). And it’s true i did that for love…i do this for love. But you’ll never know, “so wat is the point in doing this?” you would say…well i do this to let out my feelings…for you-the love of my life who i will never forget.

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