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I regret to inform you, I do not view marijuana as a drug. Perhaps you misunderstood. Certainly, with my knowledge that I’ve gained in these short years I’ve been alive I know when to say no to things that will potentially ruin my well being.
However; naturally, I agree with you about the one who has hurt me the most. His actions show he is using me, but…I believe I’ll just sound ridiculous if I try to explain this boys actions.
On another note, after rereading my past post I realized you can’t even tell I’m talking of two different men in the end. One, I met over a year ago and has left a huge scar on my heart. The other, a boy I met over the internet over eight years ago. Many nights I spent talking with him. Just simply, talking. Something I’ve loved about this boy since the first night we spent socializing in an old online game. Sure, call it crazy but we wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for that silly game. Even though we haven’t played it in years, our friendship has nothing but sky-rocketed.
I believe I’ve told this boy just about everything about me. In return, he has shared his life stories with me.
With work starting soon, I’m afraid our talk time will shorten. Luckily, it will be for just a period of time until I move out of this dreadful home with my mother and into a home with my best of friends. It’s just another battle after another. I’ll take them all on. No doubt about it.
Until we speak again.

– S

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