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This world is ironic, fantasies and real beliefs? theories. Things that hypnotize your interest, that send you, a rush of adrenaline, quick thinking, the enemy is ourselves, we are all dumb, when jumbled to just one word, humanity, Lifes what u make it right? No its the mold that holds you, you change YOUR life later on. subject change. People arent born with kindness. It grows with them, everyone has their on sense of kindness. I just so happen to maybe, have little to none? You mold your love into what you think it should be, in this world they say, you can do anything you aspire to? Why arent you doing it,I watch the people around me glow, They have plans, for life and ahead, While im stuck in dawn watching movies and skipping my hw… SMart kids hide behind their smartness, their IQ being praised. I try to use my friends as a step up. Although the time was never given to me to hang with them to finally learn how to make myself of use, Im an artist you see, This subject has changed many and many times before but you never know when it will, i can never stay on topic, i never will, I came here to write right? fun. subject change. I want to believe that im not wrong about this particular life, theres no telling how many lives someone will have but, maybe we do, ive jumped into this theory before,maybe the light we see when we are born, the light that watched over us as we grow, is apart of the darkness after the light when we die, Idk your listening to a middle schooler in class just after a social studies test. what am i crazy? what do you think i am, You seen the title, Its your fault for coming here. subject change. Aslong as you see it. its there. The kids look at me from my behind and side, none daring to look back from the front, they snicker and snicker, they make me feel angry, not insecure, im not like other kids or am i? judging yourself is like judgung as you see the world, so many mis types its crazyh, BUt am i right?


Maybe we so have someone up there, as our rising god, do they revive? every single time, is it like in the animes? Fruits basket? ive been watching that show. It seems fun but its surprisingly ,long, every episode i dare not to look when it comes to an end, but idk. Maybe its stil ongoing. Anyways


This life can give you many things. The fan runs and the chatter lowers, he walked in. the skreeking of gthe floor, the shoes kicking, its school


I remember running as a child, in my early youth, handing my grandmother a shining flower, A helicopter flying over us? no a plane. The garde was beautiful the sky was beautiful and blue. Pure. I remember another day.

The kids who are my neighbours now grew, distant from me. I remember one day
we played the most gthis one day, i loved the time we had, if it was even just one or 2 memories, track of time is tiring and confusing,let me tell you the day.

The morning dove was crowing, the flaps of her beautiful feathers, ive awoken, next to my gradnmother at her side, the sunshine beamed on the bed like a spotlight, the air was warm, the sensation of warmth when it reached me comforted me, i awake again, shes gone, the same scenery, its beautiful outside, a perfect day for the beach, or the pool. I run outside with the carpet at my feet, king running after me, i see the pump on, i go down to play, and their here too. playing in what they sai dwas dirty water but really it was beautiful, we made rainbows and looked at the sky in question, playing and splashing along the road, touching the dirty rocks, laughing at then getting hurty, i did too, we laughed and laughed on that day, splashing away,although i cant describe exactly how it went, something like this>?

new day!

new day in georgia, their names disappearing like smoke.. but i remember them. shimmerinhg on one of the golden pedistools in my mind, this one day, we had so much fun, i loved it with them, after months i had to go, but they'll remember me too. ONe day, we al met up, we ran and ran as fast as we xould, they taught me a lesson that day, to never stop moving or running, as as a nation or a colony us people learn of these things, fights and friends
topis like lgbtq are all a distraction, theories theeories breathe breathe breathe

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