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Posted by on 2022/07/29 under Life

It’s amazing to me how some people make paper posters that offer unrealistic items to brighten someone’s day. They also offer a place to write but only to some not all. Oh, and you need to watch what you say because they will take it offensive. If they just so happen to offend you it’s fine, they lived a life of unrealistic treatment where they matter and you don’t. So don’t go speaking what’s on your mind, how you feel, what you think or really anything. Only made up help here. Let’s not forget how they’ll go out of their ways to create problems for you. Try to start s*** with everyone around even if that means making up lies. They’ll go out of their way to make you feel alone all while you clearly aren’t, not even for a second. Let’s hear it for people that look down on others, judge and create just an overall negative impact on some peoples lives. Yet they won’t do the opposite. I’m sounding irritated because I am.

I’m mad at the treatment that I didn’t deserve. You were the one that cared about what others thought.

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