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Kitty let out a shaky breath as she opened the door to the apartment her son was living in.

No, the apartment her son had lived in.

The apartment he had lived in before his death.

Her son, Eric was dead.

He had died in an explosion here in New York City. There were no remains of his body left due to the explosion. She couldn't give him a proper funeral.

"Eric," she said out loud, her voice soft.

Eric had left their home in Wisconsin a few years ago. His relationship with Donna came to an end and after a few fights with his father, Eric left home and left Wisconsin. Kitty had tried to convince him to stay, but he refused.

She had written him letters every week after he had left. He had written back for about two months before he stopped replying to them. Kitty continued writing to him though, hoping he would read them.

A letter was how she learned about Eric's death. Upon reading the letter, she had a breakdown followed by a screaming match with Red, which was why she had come to New York alone.

When Kitty got to New York, she was greeted with the news Eric had not only changed his first name, but also his last name. His name in New York had been Eddie Brock. He had cut his hair, got a job working as a photographer, and started dating a girl named Gwen.

Kitty had spoken to Gwen and learned she and Eric had broken up before his death. Gwen was nice but Kitty could tell she was keeping something from her. Something to do with Eric.

As Kitty moved around the apartment, she felt emotions overtake her. Kitty wished she could go back in time and do things differently.

If she had helped Eric look for a career before he graduated high school…

If she had made Red stop arguing with him…

If she had convinced him to stay…

If she had visited him…

If she had done any of those things, she could have prevented his death. She felt like Eric's death was her fault for not being a better mother.

Her baby, her son was dead. She would never be able to talk to see or talk to him ever again.

Kitty fell into a chair in the kitchen. A lump formed in her throat and tears started to form in her eyes. She put her hands over her face and started to cry.

As she cried, memories of Eric came to her head. From being a baby to being a kid, becoming a teenager, graduating high school. Memories that only seemed to hurt now.

As she continued to cry, she felt something cold touch her back.

She gasped in horror as she heard a feminine voice in her head.

"Kitty, I am Scream."

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